I have always been a huge fan of food, I wouldn’t call myself a foodie (although some people may) but have probably enjoyed more than my fair share of food over my lifetime.  I started to be above the average weight in elementary school and no matter what I tried I could never keep any weight I lost off.  It took over 10 years of trying but I decided diets simply do not work in the long term unless you permanently want to be on one!

I needed to make a life change, find a new way of living that would allow me to eat and still enjoy food but make my health the first priority!  For those that know me I am an analysts by day job because I love detail.  I can research on and on and have spent days lost on the internet with the vast amount of information available to us!  I started all over the place by reading anything I could find but then came across some “gem finds” which have truly changed my life.

After countless hours of learning new things along with the recommendation of my friend Meghan, I decided that I really do need an outlet to share all this information in one spot with anyone who is interested in making healthier changes without too much sacrifice!

For must have recipes I have discovered on other blogs or have created myself check out the “Recipes” page.

For all the lessons learned I have discovered including hidden chemicals in every day foods, food to splurge on organic and foods you don’t need to, check out the “Lessons Learned” page.

For a list of things I have found make a huge difference in my journey check out the “Recommendations” page.


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